Ready to breakthrough some superficial bullshit?

What's in a LIFEstyle?


What you focus on.
Who you spend your time with.
How you use your energy
What you focus on.
Who you spend your time with.
How you use your energy

Beauty business is only tricky

because we allow the opinion of others to dictate what its supposed to
look like

It is our responsibility to reclaim it.

Everything you’ve imagined is within

your reach

It’s time to stop questioning what’s acceptable to the world around you.

Hi beautiful, I'm Stacey

I understand where you are.

Burnt out from people-pleasing.
Unknowingly reacting from unhealed hurts.
Hoping self help books and therapy will heal the craving of self acceptance.
Searching for answers.
Trying to make sense of it all.

My life began to open up when I finally Stopped kidding myself by believing outside sources validated my worth.

Instead Realizing, when having the tools to care deeper about myself, I will start

changing my world.

As a stylist and salon owner
for more than 3 decades now, i’ve been privy to conversations with
women about how they're living in their life

And what I’ve learned is this, we’re all going through the same shit inside and believe me, 

we all question how we’re doing it.

EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE has prepared you

for this moment

Defy what you were told


Finally start living your truth

I am not an expert.

I'm your ALLY.

As your LIFEstylist,you will discover how to:

stop forfeiting your precious time.

turn down the volume of your own self doubt

tune in and turn on your unique badassery

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, you’ll learn how to unapologetically master the art of showing up.

No more waiting.
Do what you came here to do.
Live a life that feels like it belongs to you.

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