Before we build the world we live in, we have to


Imagine your life where you're not diagnosing yourself based on what you see and where you lack but instead transform yourself by

what you actually want

Make sense out of the

should have's , would have's & could have's

Most people don't think about what they want
They remember what they had.

The constant, yet most innocent words gets deeply engrained into our being so much so we are not conditioned to recognize our own powerful instincts.

is your ally, so you can

Be the creator.

Here you'll learn to hear your voice,
recognize your powers
and you'll define your role as you've always imagined you'd have.




As a hair stylist for over almost three decades, I have stood behind women, as they looked in the mirror at themselves,  questioning themselves, longing for more.

As I listened to their stories and life experiences I began developing a strong desire to find solutions and to redefine what beauty actually is. I wanted the reflection in a mirror to not be a way of defining us.

Most of my life, I’ve been a creator, a disruptor, and a leader.  I believe Beauty is a way of living, and our Style is how we show up. for ourselves and those around us. I have a natural passion to create change, to develop solutions and help women who are ready to help themselves.  

  • Life ~ my greatest teacher of all
  • Urban Salon Team Founder & Operator 2000
  • Women n’ Spirit Training 2012
  • Bennett Stellar University 2014
    • NLP
    • Certification in Life Coaching
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Dream Sculpting
    • Timeline
    • Reiki
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2015
  • Strategies Salon Business Management Coaching 2018
  • Thrive Learning Collective Master Practitioner 2020
  • Furious Foundations 2021 Mastermind 2021

If you're ready to breakthrough old thinking patterns,
get unstuck, a surround yourself with other beauties who've paved the
the same kind of path ahead of you then let's talk.

I'm more than ready!