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Before you build the world you want to live in, you first have to


Imagine your life where you're not diagnosing yourself based on what you see and where you lack but instead transform yourself by

what you actually want

Make sense out of the

should have's , would have's & could have's

Most people don't think about what they want
They remember what they had and decide based only on their needs.

The constant, yet most innocent words gets deeply engrained into our being so much so we are not conditioned to recognize our own powerful instincts.

You can start living your truth,

Defy what you were told

and finally start designing the healthy, wealthy lifestyle you've been planning for.




I am ambitious, 4X entrepreneur that was always told to calm down and that I talk too much.  I dimmed my light and lowered my voice (at times) to either prove I was worthy or to not offend the unsure.

I observed the polite, the popular and prestigious with a microscope and yardstick only to feel worst about myself.  I saw glimpses of their struggles and longing for acceptance too.  

And what I realized is that when we unwrap the pretty little box we’ve put ourselves in, we will probably for the first time discover what’s been living within us.  

I knew I was meant for more, I knew I had more to offer, I spent years and ten of thousands of dollars exposing and experiencing healing and learning so I can be the more for myself and those wanting the same.


  • Life ~ my greatest teacher of all
  • This is Urban Salon & Gift Boutique & Operator 2000
  • Women n’ Spirit Training 2012
  • Bennett Stellar University 2014
    • NLP
    • Certification in Life Coaching
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Dream Sculpting
    • Timeline
    • Reiki
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2015
  • Strategies Salon Business Management Coaching 2018
  • Thrive Learning Collective Master Practitioner 2020
  • Furious Foundations 2021 Mastermind 2021
  • Elite Sales Society Mastermind 2022

If you're ready to breakthrough old thinking patterns,
embrace your inner ambition and surround yourself with other beauties
who've walked the
the same kind as you then we must talk!

I'm more than ready!